The gallery lets you see some of our work examples, we will always update this page so you can see our latest work. Your alloys could be next!

Toyota MR 2

{ms{tip|500|0|The Toyota wheel is very corroded and the lacquer has peeled off.}} {ms{tip|500|0|You can see the extend of the damage up close.}} {ms{tip|500|0|The damage has been repaired and is now in primer to prevent corrosion.}} {ms{tip|500|0|Alloy has now been sprayed with a very nice silver.}} {ms{tip|500|0|Alloy is now drying under infra red.}} {ms{tip|500|0|This is the second alloy being refurbished.}} {ms{tip|500|0|The corrison has now gone!}} {ms{tip|500|0|Alloys back on the MR2, looking much better!}}

BMW 3 Series (E46) with MV Alloy Wheels

{ms{tip|500|0|On these BMW MV Alloys every spoke is damaged, as well as the rim.}} {ms{tip|500|0|All the damaged is now repaired.}} {ms{tip|500|0|The second alloy is under way.}} {ms{tip|500|0|The rim is now in primer.}} {ms{tip|500|0|Alloy painted in BMW Titan Silver and drying.}} {ms{tip|500|0|Fully dry and ready to be demasked.}} {ms{tip|500|0|Back on the BMW and fully refurbished.}}

Ferrari F430

{ms{tip|500|0|Ferrari F430 alloy.}} {ms{tip|500|0|You can see slight kerbing.}} {ms{tip|500|0|F430 alloy has been removed.}} {ms{tip|500|0|Further damage on another bit of the spoke and rim.}} {ms{tip|500|0|Alloy has now been refurbished and is ready for primer.}} {ms{tip|500|0|Just been primered.}} {ms{tip|500|0|Painted, lacquered and ready to go back on the Ferrari. Good as new!}}


{ms{tip|500|0|BMW M6 alloy with a badly damaged rim.}} {ms{tip|500|0|A shot of the complete alloy before work starts.}} {ms{tip|500|0|The damage has been repaired.}} {ms{tip|500|0|Alloy painted, laquered, dried and looking like new.}} {ms{tip|500|0|Close up of the refurbished area.}}